Born in 1988, Raised in california, Alex Auclair is a 26 year old writer, musician, & networking consultant. In 2008, at the age of 20, he wrote & drew his first comic “adventures in the land of after“, a 20 page story following a spirits journey in the afterlife, drawing influence from Dantes’ Divine Comedy, Folklore, as well as Japanese, Shamanistic, & Classic Greek Mythology. The main character wanders the afterlife in search of the love of his previous life, leading him to a great and powerful witch.
the next project he began working on was “The Shadow that Follows” a Three Part story set in the distant future. a Future where man lives in controlled environments to protect them from the toxicity of the planet. It follows the story of a man who in the midst of a robot uprising escapes into the wilderness and discovers warring tribes of mutants and the dark underbelly that controls the world he inhabits.  Influenced by the works of philip k dick, william gibson, & alan moore, it draws on imagery dealing with post apocalyptic tribalism & modernism.
Around this time he also began writing outlines for various short stories & concept albums. One of the first completed outlines was a project tentatively titled “Isolated Incident”, a story inspired by the environmental destruction of the planet and the recent patriot act. It follows the stories of two individuals, the warrior of a indigenous tribe and the heir to a Blooming enterprise. As the story unravels what was once understood as their destinies, they begin to question their own motives. The heir begins to uncover a conspiracy for total global domination and the tribesman begins to sympathize with the civilized world. The story has been in development on and off for nearly 6 years.
Straying away from the world of writing Alex began to release projects of futuristic sounds and experimental dance music under the monikers of YOTO, Alecks, Awklr, & Wolfhand.  He self released a EP titled “Omens” featuring artwork by his Brother Michael Auclair. The 4 track EP was released via Myspace in 2009, Also in 2009 he began performing acoustic open mic nights throughout his hometown of lompoc. If that wasnt enough he had also began work on a 4 track EP of Digital Hardcore tracks influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Dillinger Escape Plan, Atari Teenage Riot & The Blood Brothers; Titled “Digital Hemorrhaging” under the Wolfhand Moniker. The project was put on hiatus after a loss of his computer and all data with it. he followed up Omens in 2010  with a compilation titled “Believer”. The 23 track Compilation included Omens & assorted tracks from various sessions, along with two remixes (Kanye West Heartless & Radioheads’ Reckoner). Also in 2010 a 3 track ep titled “早く家へ帰りたいサウンド HOMEW∆RD​.​SOUND” was released along with a Ep Split with Didymus, titled “Dead Air”, Released only at one show on Cd-R, it Features 4 tracks, Including 2 remixed versions of Snake Way & Aether Shores from his First EP.
The Next year was a transient period in his life living between Lompoc, Santa barbara, and Los Angeles. Existential Crisis abound he focused his attention on music to block out his situation. He released a remix of Crosses ††† “Bermuda Locket”, which proved quite succesful and gained the attention of the band, Fronted by Chino Moreno of Deftones. This spark of inspiration initiated a fire. Along with 2 other good friends (Xen & Eclectic), the three came together and created a idea of a collective, a group of likeminded artists working together, the entity was a outlet for us to release music and support eachothers work. The name EXP collective was chosen, EXP being short for Experience (referencing RPGs from Playstation, Super Nintendo, and Gameboy). EXP collective later would change its name to Senzu Collective in Summer of 2011. Alex then compiled tracks from friends and friend of friends into a Compilation mixtape called “Senzu Mixtape”. A monthly collection of artists from all around, the reaction was spectacular. Immediately what began as a support net for artists became a booming project. Each month more and more submissions were sent to Alex’s Email, and by the third month, plans to turn Senzu from a Collective/Mixtape Series into a Net Label. A plan of upcoming releases was made and the first release came in November of 2011 by Alex, a 8 Track EP Titled “Leaving” under his New Alias ALECKS. The album was an experiment in minimalism, cross culture fusions, Post Modernism, & Harmony. The Goal of a psuedo-mpc driven album, and samples from The Matrix, Lion King, Emotionally Fueled Phone Calls, Susumu Hirasawa’s Soundtrack for Paprika, Bjork, Miles Davis, Force M.D., Rhianna, Joe Hisashi, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, And The Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack. A forerunner that combined modern pop, anime orchestral movement, avant garde, jazz, and electronica, the project could be seen as Proto-Vaporwave. the project proved somewhat successful and gained alecks’ first interviews and reviews.
Following this project he released another 2 eps “App.Aratus” & “Lapse”, again following the M.O. of Leaving, with a focus on the electronic synths and melodies. Considerably less sample based and more of a focus on synth, the album featured snippets from Outlaw Star, Robin Thicke, Quarter Flash, Michael Jackson, SWV, & more. He was commissioned to do a remix for the release of France Based Post hardcore Group Bronson Hollis, Which was released on ITunes. The Ep Series was followed up with “How I Found Yu” in 2012 a collection of sample heavy tracks, reinterpeting classic jams from Hall & Oates, Prince, Shalamar , Diana Ross & others. The album was considered a collection as opposed to an entirely original album. Same year it was reflected with “Liquid Arc(hi)tecture” (SNZ009), alecks first legitimate LP. a concept album focusing on Lush Enviroments and Dreams. The album features percussion from Wind up clocks, tongue Clicks, Overdriven Guitar, Post Rock Influences, Ambient Tones, Endless Loops, And Non Linear Synth Melodies. the album also features vocals from Shango! Zeropoint & NuNu. The Title is from a quote by Goethe, Author Of Faust, “Architecture is solid music, and music is liquid architecture”.  At this point alecks was fully devoted and busy working on releases from senzu as well as continuing the monthly mixtape series. The album was available in physical format as well, with each album having its own individual artwork handmade by himself.
The Year Ended with “Golden Fleece”, a Concept Album based on the Mythology of The Aries Astrology, The story of Hellespont, Phyrixus,  & The Golden Fleece, and Jason and the argonauts. The album also was a experiment in noise & dissonance, taking tracks from a distorted or noisey medium and blending them into harmonic pieces of Post-Modern Glitch work. Straying away from samples the album briefly sampled native American Percussion, Clips from the movie “The Shining”, & a flip of Between the Buried & Me. The album soon was reviewed by Potholes in my blog and caught the attention of Calmlamp Records Based in Tokyo, Japan. It was then re released on Calmlamp and began a partnership with the Japanese label on Japanese distribution. The project was influenced by the writings of Daniel Levitin on the Neuroscience between music and our instincts. His first release for Calmlamp would be on The Pixaphonica compilation and then in february of 2013, a EP of Futuristic Dance Music Entitled “Neogene$is”. Neogene$is is a collection of tracks influenced by the current EDM fad of america and Tonal understanding of tension & Release. It Features Vocals by Davoyce, a R&B singer based in hollywood California. The album was a high intensity project. During this period of time Alex was reading a Masonic Text from the 19th century titled “Morals & Dogma” by Albert Pike. a 33 chapter collection of essays explaining masonic morals, rituals, and symbology. This dramatically affected his life and from that point on his focus was on Reading, writing and experimenting in sound.
In the summer of 2013, he put together AHURA|MAZDA refrencing the zoraoaster god mentioned in the Pike Book. This collection of “Micro Beats” was done in a lo fi enviroment, in a period where he had close to nothing but a pc laptop. AHURA|MAZDA caught the attention of Cosmic Zoo Studios, Owned by Daddy Kev & Nocando of Alpha Pup. The album features refrences to a variety of subjects and samples from movies like Scanner Darkly, Gummo,  Marvin Gaye, & Lo Fi Recordings from a Casio Keyboard. It Also Featured vocals from Ashton Lucien Lee AKA Nomadic Shenanigans, LSDJ contributions from Gh0stwerk, Production work from Tom Bambadil & Rupert. As well as original Artwork from alex (all artwork has been created by alex for these projects).
It would be another year before a release from alex, The 23 minute Collection of tracks entitled “Akshuly“, a compilation of flipped tracks by classic artists. Mainly out of fun and reflective to sentimentality.  Throughout 2014 he began to write Folk music under the guise of Allox & The ram, focused intensively on writing music and learning.
In the fall of 2013 alex returned to writing and began work on what would become ABRAXAS, a faustian tale of a pharoahs search for immortality. He finished his screenplay treatement for an 11 issue series, which he prepped for a comic. The work represents his first completed story, and is currently in editing, while he searches for artists interested in the story. The Story is a epic that begins in ancient egypt and leads up to the distant future. Shortly after this story he worked  on a short story entitled “IO”, a Space based horror story treatment for a one shot comic. His writing strayed from novellas back to Comics in this time.
Early in 2014, Senzu took a new direction. From being a Internet based label, to a internationally focused movement, and fundraiser. After hearing about the Kurdish Genocide and the state of their affairs, Alex began organizing a international fundraiser for the Kurds. This Turned into INFINITE LIGHTS. a work in collaboration with international parties, the Kurdish Regional Government and AKIN. The project took off and before he knew it, artists from every timezone were open to getting involved. the Projects goal was to have artists from all around the world involved in a focused effort to make a change. The project proved seldom successful and was soon drowned out by the war in the middle east involving ISIS and The kurdish region in Iraq.
In fall of 2014, he outlined a short novella tentatively entitled Chaeine, a story set in the 1930s following a duo of escaped prisoners who take hiding in a traveling freak show. He is currently editing Abraxas and finishing out IO & Chaeine.


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